Badgerfaced Sheep

As with Shetlands, where you start with one and then before you know it you have a whole herd! The same happened with our badgerfaced sheep. We were given an orphan lamb by a friend and then we acquired another and another. We now breed them and have had a successful lambing season. We have a few for sale occasionally.

Our badgerface are torddu (welsh for black belly) have pale bodies of white, with dark face markings, and a stripe that goes from the chin to the end of the tail.

Badger Face sheep are good coloured sheep for small holders to own. They are a very ancient breed of hardy mountain sheep, found in upland areas of Wales, but can adjust to any system, producing a high percentage of twins and some triplets in favourable conditions. They are also excellent lawnmowers!

badger face lamb













We now have for sale our lambs which are all reared in organic conditions. Please phone 01685 873373 for more details.



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